RGB Face Reconstruction

This project aims to reconstruct faces extracted from RGB video sequences using a parametric face model. We implemented the high quality face tracking and reconstruction part of Face2Face using CUDA and OpenGL. On the top, you can see the face model fitted into the target video. On the bottom, you can see Obama, which is the target face we'd like to reconstruct. This was one of the most complicated and difficult projects I've ever worked on but it was totally worth it.

GitHub repository

Kinect Fusion

This project is a re-implementation of the popular KinectFusion paper on CUDA. The paper presents a method for reconstruction of static 3D environment with a Kinect in real-time. We were able to do reconstruction in real-time (25ms per frame) on our GTX960M graphics card. On the left, you can see my reconstruction. Kinect sensor was somehow unable to detect some parts of my hair :)

GitHub repository


I have been reading and implementing papers about light transport and surface scattering but I've felt the need of creating a renderer where I can combine what I learn. In that sense, Glue is just a hobby project which helps me gather things that I've learned and encourages me to implement them properly.

GitHub repository

GPU-Based Path Tracer

This is a pathtracer implementation on CUDA. It has several material types and progressive feature which makes it possible to see the convergence of the estimator in real-time for non-complex scene settings.

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Direct3D Demo

This was my summer internship project in 2015. It was the first time I met shaders and computer graphics. I used Direct3D 10 to render and Nvidia PhysX to simulate rigid bodies.

Kill Them All

This was a game that I developed in 2010 for a competition on a forum. It was the second best game among quite few others. I think this is the most enjoyable game that I've made so far.


A classic game. If you go to right-end and stay there, nothing will hit you. I was too lazy to fix it :)

Tic Tac Toe

To be honest, I find this game very stupid. Nevertheless, idea of playing against a basic AI is very appealing if you just started to game development.


Another classic.


Yet another.

Space Hero

Well, this is my first game that I made in 2009. I created every spaceship and other sprites pixel-by-pixel using Microsoft paint :)